KenDon Museum


The KenDon Museum was formed from the private collection of Kenneth Lawrence and Don Evans who began collecting studio ceramics in the 1980s. The collection focus is on Australian studio potters from the post World War II period.

Among the artists represented are Arthur Boyd, Merrick Boyd, Jeff Mincham, Peter Rushforth, Milton Moon, Les Blakebrough, John Dermer, Gwyn Hanssen-Pigott, Victor Greenaway, Harold Hughan, Alan Peascod, Pippin Drysdale, Col Levy, Owen Rye and Janet Mansfield.

Board of Trustees

Anna Maas

Exhibitions manager and curator

Gary Alan Prince

Treasurer; Lawyer

Marcel Rawady

Media Technician

Barry Singleton

Ceramic Artist; Former Lecturer (Castlemaine);

Chris Myers

John Eagle

Ceramic Artist, Teacher (Ararat);


Mission Statement by Ken Lawrence:

Twenty years ago my partner Don Evans and I decided to form a very  comprehensive collection of Australian Pottery from the 1950s onwards. We had  found it difficult to find pots to view and handle in public galleries where pots are  few and far between, displayed as single items of a potter’s work, not as  collections produced over a period of time. We thought a comprehensive  collection showing the growth of some of the foremost as well as less considered  potters should be available somewhere to document the work of Australian  potters working in Australia since the 1950s, this collection to provide a  comprehensive resource as a cultural and educational tool lacking in public  collections. All items in our collection should be available for handling on request.  It is very unusual in public galleries to find more than one item of a particular  potters work either displayed or in the vault of a public gallery. Many foremost  potters have had access to our collection. This viewing and handling has greatly  influenced their future pots. I doubt if a comparable collection could be assembled  now or in the future. The assembling of our collection showing the growth of  individual potters over many years has been our major interest for more than  twenty years. The concept of creating a Museum and Trust is in continuance with  the above.


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